Watchdogs Sequel Soon on PSN

Every user of PlayStation network is more than satisfied with game titles they provide each month. Only the most successful games can be found on PSN and there are several ways to get them on your console. Purchasing them upon release is the easiest way, but some of this titles are a bit overpriced and you can’t help but to think of another way of acquiring them.


How to get the game for free?

Every game on PSN can be bought or unlocked with PSN codes. You can exchange the codes that you have for games that you finished or just don’t want to play anymore with codes for new titles that you want to play. Another way to get the codes for free is to visit sites that offer psn vouchers, and get a chance of winning a code by completing surveys that help improve the gaming experience. This is by far the best way to get the PSN codes, free psn card numbers and all it takes is a little bit of your time. You can complete the survey in less than 5 minutes and win a prize in a form of a PSN code. You never know what you will get but most of the times you will get codes for the most popular games.

What we know about the plot so far.


In this sequel, the story is set in California, Los Angeles, as you take control of Marcus Holloway a computer genius, who is accused by Blume for hacking operations that he wasn’t involved in. Shortly after the accusation, Marcus is contacted by DedSec operatives and recruited. DedSec also informs him about Blume’s previous mischiefs in Chicago regarding the usage of ctOS system. So as we can notice, Aiden’s and T-Bone’s actions from previous chapters of the game inspired DedSec members to continue to fight the corruption of the system.

What can we expect from gameplay itself?

b51f2ca3The gameplay is not entirely changed, but rather redeveloped using the old system of profiling in a new and advanced way. Using Profiler system has changed in a way that It is no longer represented in a square from which you operate. Now you can choose your actions like hack car, hack a phone or any other piece of technology available for manipulation through hacking, by selecting the shape of it as everything turns black and hackable objects are highlighted so it is more obvious what can be interacted with and what not. New vehicles and equipment are also available in the California bay area so players will be granted with more freedom in completing their tasks. For example, Marcus has a drone that he can control, that is able to monitor the surrounding as well as interact by hacking cameras, security systems, and every available electronic device. This brings more to the covert and tactical angle of the game, as players can explore the vicinity by staying hidden in the cover.

How to Redeem Free PSN Codes on PlayStation 4

If you want to use PlayStation gift cards or if you’re a member of PS plus, you have to have money on your PSN account. In order to play a game, you need a voucher code which can be received with a purchase card in the PS store, or with a game disk. There are two types of codes, one has twelve digits, and the other have ten.

The twelve digit codes can be redeemed for all games and game add-ons, as well as subscription services, and they can add funds to your wallet on your PSN account. The ten digit codes are also redeemable, but we will talk about the longer ones first.

Turn your PS console on and open the PlayStation Store. Then, scroll down the menu on the left side. On the bottom, you will find the option “Redeem Codes”. An on-screen keyboard will appear and you just have to enter the 12 digit code. Capital letters and spaces don’t matter. Once you have entered the code, press the R2 button. Then, select continue and press X. This is how it’s done when you redeem codes for psn.
redeem codes

If you have a voucher that adds money to your PSN wallet, you will be asked to confirm the amount of money that will be added. Select confirm and press X once again. If you select continue again, your desired content will start to download to the console. If that doesn’t happen, just go to the Library and select the game you want to see the download button.

If you want to download an add-on, just select related items and then my add-ons. When that is done, just select the arrow located next to the item you want to download and press X. You will be able to see all add-ons you have installed right here.

The 10 digit codes have to be entered in the PlayStation store shopping cart. Open your card, select a product and enter the discount code. After entering the code, press R2. Select continue to see the new, discounted price of all items you chose in the cart. Then just select “proceed to checkout”. You will be asked to select the payment method. Choose confirm purchase to end the transaction. Discount codes can be removed if you want to use them later.10-digit PSN code

There are a couple of reasons why your discount code is not accepted. These are the things you have to know:

– Every code must be verified after entry. if it didn’t work the first time, try it again.

– Each code can be used just once. Every code is meant for single use meaning that you can only redeem one per game once.

– Enter the code later. If the code is for a game that was just released, enter the code later and it might work.

– Every PSN account can redeem one discount code. If it is not accepted, it could be because you already used a code on your PSN account.

– Check every voucher for an expiration date.

Devil May Cry 4 Playstation 4 Edition

This time Devil May Cry 4 is released on PlayStation 4 with improved graphics and completely new set of characters. It is classic hack-n-slash game available as psn code generator download that brings gore and violence in 1080p, so if you are not accustomed such extreme violence, this game may shock you.

The story of the game is about a knight Nero who is a member of Order of the Sword. The leader of this order is killed in the previous versions of the game. The game follows Nero in searching for answers and in questioning his beliefs. In some sense the game is very repetitive, to test precision and skill of the player. This is done with goal to train a player to obtain higher combo scores in the game. Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition brings a lot of content and it is a game made for fans.

The game brings some hard modes like Dark Knight mode that is specially designed for gamers that likes challenges. Devil May Cry 4 introduce new characters in the game Virgil, Trish and Lady. All three characters have original and unique skills that are quite refreshing. They are bringing completely new way of playing the game. Trish is very fast and versatile warrior, Lady is much slower but can hit with devastating power. Virgil is somewhere in between those two characters. The game offers new feature, the special ability to adjust specific moves of the character. In any case a game offers extreme level of violence and constant action. If you like such kind of games you may enjoy in Devil May Cry 4 Playstation 4 Edition without limit. You can unlock a lot side quest missions along the way and they are the most challenging parts of the entire game.

It will not be easy to win in those encounters, where you are supposed to execute specific combo several times in a row with ultimate precision if you want to be victorious.If you can not win such missions at the beginning, try to practice a little and come back later. You may be suprize with the rewards that are really great! In the second half of the game you will once again play as Dante, this time with improved graphics and movements. Devil May Cry 4 seems to be a perfect game for Playstation 4. With improved graphics and animations it is still one of the best hack and slash action games ever made.

Valkyries in Clash of Clans

The Valkyrie is the rarest unit in Clash of Clans and you will not find many armies in the game that are using this unit. That is so wrong! They are certain builds that you to utilize the power of Valkyrie in the best possible way and we will adjust present you some very cool strategies that will surprise your opponents!

Let us first describe a little bit this interesting unit. Valkyrie is extremely fast unit and that is her greatest advantage in the game. The actual movement speed is 24, which is much faster than barbarians with movement speed of just 16 units. Cool, that is very fast, indeed. Valkyrie is slow on production, so you will need to wait 15 min. for one Valkyrie. That is one of the major reasons why players do not place Valkyrie in their Army, waiting time is significant. Another downside of this unit is a fact that she does not deal huge damage, but she deals splash damage and what is very important she does not have any preferred target as well. If you compare barbarian and Valkyrie, barbarians does almost double damage according to Valkyrie.

From other side Valkyrie does splash damage, so if you are targeting multiple targets Valkyrie can deal as same amount of damage as barbarian. Valkyrie is particularly good for taking down any clan Castle units because she does splash damage. As you may suppose she’s a perfect units for taking down walls because she can hit more than one wall at the time and deal splash damage! Another problem with Valkyrie is relatively high training time and cost of single unit. You will need a lot of dark elixir to produce your Army of Valkyries and many players do not have that much resources, but do not worry help is cming in form of clash of clans astuce.. For example, you will need 100 dark elixir units to produce one Valkyrie. Most players do not use Valkyrie because of those reasons, and if they do, they use them as supportive units, not as main attack force. So, you will need to specify your strategy and combine her with other units.

Valkyrie can be reliable Clan Castle unit because she can deal splash damage and hit multiple targets. Only problem is that she is not able to attack any air unit, so it is necessary to combine Valkyrie rate some other units, Dragon for example. That combination is very strong, you should try it! Another useful combination is so called GoWaV strategy or army of Golems, Wallbreakers and Valkyries. You can add some spells to increase effectiveness of this combination, rage, jump and additional healing spell are very useful. Actual strategy is very simple, at the beginning deploy your Golems and use a large number of wallbreakers to open gate for Valkyries. Then deploy your Valkyries that will take down multiple structures with splash damage. You can also use a jump spell and this strategy is very good for Clan Wars.

Efficient Clash of Clans Guide

Okay, let’s be very efficient! Clash of Clan is very practical game and we will not go into theory and some useless explanations, we will share practical and useful tips and tricks that will help you in your game. Let’s start!

First of all, save your gems! Do not spend gems on tutorial quests! You can use those gems later in the game. At the beginning of the game do not waste your resources on building high level units, rather build an army of fast inexpensive units like barbarians. You can gain additional resources with clash of clans hack if you need it.Do not rush to build your Town Hall level very high because those the loot is contemplated by comparing your Town Hall level with Town Hall level of your opponent. We can recommend to upgrade your Town Hall to level 4 and then upgrade all your defensive structures to maximum level and farm resources. Only when you upgrade your entire structures move to the next stage.

At the beginning of the game you will also get protective shield, but even in if you do so, almost no one would attack you because you will Low amount of resources. So, you can use that as your advantage and attack other players from the beginning of the game. Create a simple army made of barbarians, archers and goblins for that purpose. Even in a case that you get attacked at first things of the game you will have a very little to lose, just a small amount of resources, but the gain will be much greater. You can also use next feature to skip hard bases until you find a perfect base to attack. It will only cost you a little amount of gold to go to the next base, and be sure to build a solid base before you start your attacks. The best place for your Clan Castle is in the middle of the base.

When enemy units came close it will release your troops and defend your structures. Do not forget to upgrade your walls to the highest possible level, that is one of the best tips that anyone can give you for beginning of the game. High level walls will provide you with significant protection and save your base. On the later stages of the game you should concentrate on farming dark elixir and upgrade or your dark elixir troops. We are hoping that you will become much more efficient by using our Clash of Clans practical tips!

Air defense tips and tricks

In Clash of Clans Air Defense is basically the only defensive structure that targets air units. There are certain strategies like Baloons and Minions strategy that are air based, and in such cases Air Defense is the only structure that can help you and ensure successful defense of your base. Some players think that air defense is not so important, until they find themselves in a situation to defend agains an army of Dragons, Minions and Healers. Therefore, we collected few tips and tricks triche clash of clans telecharger gratuitement that will show you how to utilize great air defense strategy.

Defense has a very high damage per second output and it is completely capable to protect your base from any aerial attacks. It cannot target any ground units, so you will need to combine them with some ground defensive structures like Cannons in order to protect your base completely. You will unlock Air Defense at level 4. Air Defense has extremely fast attacks of one attack per second that makes them most effective defense against Dragons of Balloons. It is very important to decide where you’ll place your Air Defence, because if you place your defense chaotically it can be easily destroyed. You should place your Air Defence within the range of each other, but also within the range of other defensive structures like Mortars and Wizard Towers, creating a net of protection.

That will save your Air Defense from sniping and give them additional survivability. Try to place your Air Defense Towers in the center of your base and protect them as we described. Never place Air Defense Towers next to each other, because they can be easily destroyed with a Lightening Spell. Try to take down Balloons or to lure them within Air Defense Towers range, because Air Defence Tower can take down a Balloon in one or two shoots.

You should place Air Defense upgrades as your top priority because they have a long training time and the fact that players will need to upgrade only one Air Defense Tower at the time. Air Defense Tower is extremely strong defensive unit against any air assaults. Try to upgrade them as fast as possible, and they will be able to guard your base from nasty Dragons and Minions for long time.

Old gamers FIFA 15 tips

I am old-timer that played soccer video games while you were drinking milk and learning alphabet. That means something for sure. I decided to share several tips about FIFA 15 gameplay, take it or leave it, but here there are:

First of all you must understand that FIFA 15 is a game that you cannot predict everything. It is not single player linear game where you are fighting just to pass to the next level. No. Fifa 15 is complex sport simulation. Yeah, you heard me well, I said simulation, not a arcade football game. Why is it so? Because there are many elements that are crucial to your success and they are not directly related to the field. I will try to explain briefly my point of view. First, you must take care about team management and players. That is extremely important. You should get best possible players for your team. Actually, whole game us designed around that – somehow or other let’s players buy cards from store. That is obvious. Fortunately, there are many ways like comment avoir des credit sur fut 15 how you can get what you want for almost few clicks. So, first thing is to have good players.

Then you will need to perfect your skills. Training. Yes, training. You should practice a lot, rookie! Don’t be lazy! If you want something, stand up and get it. Learn finesse shots and train from different angles and combinations. Analyze yourself and see if you are more attacking or defencive player, then decide what formation is ideal for you. Go with 4-3-3 in first case or 4-5-1 in second case. Anyway, choose your formation and stick to it.

Play in that formation till you automatically knows where your striker will run and how will your defenders act in any situation. Play at least 100 matches in that formation, with same players. Yes, Yes, I know it is time consuming, but who told you anyway that you can become great Fifa 15 player in one day? If you are a beginner in FIFA 15, you should learn how to keep a ball. Do not just kick it all around the field. Learn how to dribble well. One final advice that this ancient gamer may give you is – be unpredictable. That is very important in Fifa 15. If you can confuse your opponent, you are just one step to the victory. Now, go and train rookie!

The BAM Guide

If you’re playing Clash of Clans for some time you heard about BAM strategy! What is that strategy? Well, simply say BAM is one of the most effective way of farm that use mostly Barbarians and Archers. Are you ready for some serious gaming, if you are this BAM strategy will become one of your favorite aspects of the game and we will explain you why!


BAM stands for Barbarian/Archer/Minions and that this the basic structure of your Army. It is fast in any aspect, from production to actual attack. It will take only 20 min. to train your units and that is simply unbelievable! This is the most effective Army that can be made in Clash of Clans! To make such army get clash of clans hack and build your troops fast. No other combination cannot compare to this fast production rate. To maximize your production I suggest you to start with 4 barracks and produce simultaneously archers in two barracks and barbarians in other two.All your Dark Barracks should produce other minions.

After you produced your Army, you’re ready for actual attack. Here is a strategy, the most important fact that you should know when you’re playing with BAM is that you must avoid Inferno Towers at all costs! That is extremely important because if you do not avoid them you will be defeated. Inferno Tower is a BAM weak spot. If you notice the collectors outside of the base you can shop few barbarians and you archers. Next step is to lure units from Clan Castle and eliminate them. You should not do this only if clan Castle is in the Centre of the base surrounded with storage.

You should deploy a single line of barbarians and they will act as protective shield for archers. Then deploy archers right after them. Concentrate on neutralizing it troops defenses, bows and wizard towers. After that the main phase of your attack may start. Just release your units and always be sure to place one single unit before others to check for traps. When you’re sure that there are no more traps start to spam your remaining forces. There will destroy remaining structures and you can collect your loot. Once again the most important thing for this strategy to be really effective is to avoid Inferno Towers at any cost.
This is fastest and almost unstoppable strategy in Clash of Clans. We are hoping that you will collect a lot of resources with your BAM army!

Simple Instagram Tricks

It is perfect time to share with you a few of our favorite tricks for getting Instagram photos go viral. So what we learned from our Instagram adventure?

First trick is very simple, just ask followers to submit photos of how they use your product. It is that simple. That will increase your business, get feedback and research future product development. Another great way to get commitment is through photo caption questions. All you have to do is to take a nice image of your product and ask your followers to have fun by captioning it. Consider to make a photo caption contest with some nice prize. That will get people to talking about your products and brand. If you need more people to talk about your products you may try 2015 free instagram followers or similar services and increase number of your followers.

Do not hesitate to ask questions about lifestyles or how to solve certain problems. For example, if you’re a artist – ask what scene your followers would like you to illustrate next. Also ask your followers questions about your products to get your people talking about your business and to give comments on your photos and videos. Questions usually open up conversations and be free to ask your followers what they think about your products or brand. Regarding marketing your brand the best policy is to partner with other brands on Instagram. It doesn’t matter if you are a small brand, you have relationships with other brands. Partner up with them and get them to post your products to their followers. When start a new product marketing go live on Instagram For example, the day you launch your product, make a photos of you and staff behind the scenes and several photos with excited customers.

It is essential to show your followers who you really are, post spontaneous photos of your employees. Give your followers a look at your company from a personal level and tell a story that will show your brand with nice photos and videos. Show your brands authentically, just as they are in real life, but present them in funny and thrilling way. Do not hesitate to use filters to enhance your photos. Use different angles, soft lighting and other photography tricks .
Try to focus on engaging your followers and customers and post images with your customer and product in mind.. Make your Instagram about lifestyle and naturally connect with your followers. Try our simple Instagram tricks you could have an instant viral marketing success!

Clash of Clans Defensive Towers and Buildings Guide


Mortars are the first wellspring of sprinkle harm in Clash of Clans. The moderate yet high-harm round that a Mortar blazes out will blast upon effect, managing harm to all units got inside its impact. Updating your Mortar is amazingly critical as this permits it to one-shot foe Archers. A Mortar will one-shot Archers of the same level (or less). For instance, a level 4 Mortar will murder adversary 4-star Archers in one hit. A Mortar that has the capacity execute a gathering of Archers in a solitary hit altogether decreases the adequacy of mass Archer armed forces. Mortars have long greatest reach, yet can’t hit any foes that get excessively close (i.e. there is a base extent). Because of their base reach and their relative significance, Mortars ought to be set towards the inner part of a base with the goal that they have some security against adversary units. Preferably, an adversary will need to separate no less than two dividers to achieve a mortar. It is likewise useful to combine an Air Defense tower with the Mortar to shield it from foe air units. The best way to build mortars fast is to boost them, even if it costs a lot of gems. When i get annoyed i just use clash of clans gemmes illimite tool, its French language but you can use translate it easily.

Air Defense

Air Defense towers are the main towers in the amusement that can just hit air units. While Air Defense towers can just hit air units, they have by a long shot the most noteworthy single-target DPS of any protective structure in the amusement. The Air Defense tower additionally has a long range. Accordingly, no air unit can get by for long when inside scope of an Air Defense tower. The Air Defense tower is critical for resistance against both Healers and Dragons. You will need to spread these out and keep them towards the inside of your base with a specific end goal to all the while ensure the Air Defense towers while permitting them to shield the vast majority of your base.

Wizard Tower

The Wizard Tower bargains moderately low DPS, however has a quick assault that arrangements sprinkle harm. It can hit both ground and air units. It has a short range (yet no base extent), making it like the inverse of the Mortar. The Mortar fires gradually and hits adversaries far away, while the Wizard Tower fires Hidden_Tesla8rapidly and hits adjacent foes.

Hidden Tesla

The Hidden Tesla is a trap and guarding structure Hybrid. It can just fire once adversary units draw near to it (or the foe achieves 51% of a base pulverized). Once actuated, it fires a quick assault that can hit either ground and air units at a moderate extent. At the point when updated, it does high single-target DPS, yet redesigning it takes a bizarrely long measure of time. Updating a Hidden Tesla up to its max level takes about 2 months!


The X-Bow is an abnormal state tower that expenses Elixir to flame. It fires a quick assault that arrangements light harm with every assault. In spite of the comparable harm levels to the Cannon or Archer Tower, the X-Bow’s quick terminating rate makes it some more successful against light units like Barbarians or Archers that can generally effortlessly overpower a solitary Cannon or Archer Tower.